What is Computation? And what does it stand for?

Computation is a term used often to describe mathematical operations and information processing/calculation. In some cases or certain context, computation is also used to refer to computerization or utilizing computers to process specific tasks.

The Concept behind Computation

The main concept behind computation is mechanical calculation or solving mathematical problems or executing a certain algorithm.

Types of Computation

There are many types of computation. The main types of computation are digital computation and analogue computation. Digital computation is the most utilized in the modern life as digital computers become a part of almost all aspects of our daily life. Analogue computation is more likely to be history or legacy computation now.

Career Planning

Career planning is the action of defining career type, objectives and strategies in order to achieve certain goals and career success. Career planning could be a crucial element to gain a healthy and successful career. Career planning drives your ideas into a clear direction to walk through, and series of actions to perform.

Getting you career planning process running is to be achieved through your own self planning, hiring professional service or consultant, or using some kind of career planning tools.

Setting your own career planning scheme requires some deep thinking, studied calculations and good knowledge of your potentials. It’s not an everyday action, nor a subject for too many frequent changes. Career planning should be built on strong basis of best self analysis, during the appropriate time to take such process.

Career planning helps individuals to invest their potentials into predefined tracks, and save their time, effort and money from distraction. Career planning is the key for an early look on what to be working on its achievement.

Career planning – in many cases- is not a permanent, one time deal. It can be divided on multiple stages to adapt according to certain circumstance or new calculations that come up through the way. It can also be re-done in a complete different and reset what’s planned. It’s not the end of the world if you have to re-construct your planning and begin everything all over. However, try to avoid this as could as possible, if you want to have a sharp, well defined career.

The entrance for individual career development planning is the next step on the track, after setting the main career planning scheme, then beginning the implementation, and reaching certain goals indeed, it’s the development process that has to come next. After succession with your early objectives that were set on your career planning, you may refresh your planning scheme with new objectives or even extra goals. Just keep it gradual and reasonable.

As a conclusion, career planning is an important step to take on the road to goal achievement. It helps keep your path organized and clear, it gives you motivation to go as you have clear, well planned career.

Business Development

Business development is, growing business to a larger scale to achieve higher goals or to make more profits. Business development could be the first priority of any business scheme and the normal planning that designed to gain more success on the long term.

Ambitious business owners usually think of investing their current achievements into future developments. It’s the strategy of taking advantage of circumstances that helps to enhance the power of business and increase its chances of rapid growth. Business development also depends on availability of suitable business environment. Some environments are helping to grow businesses, some other do not afford the factors that help to grow.

Weather business scale you‘re involved with, small to mid, or enterprise. Business development stills a major necessity to compete in a crowded world of businesses; all are looking for getting ahead and taking the lead.

Business development strategies are numerous and various, it contains any effort made to enhance and develop one or many aspects of business, which includes:

  • Hiring more employees
  • Increasing financial investments
  • Enhancing production quality
  • Increasing production volume
  • Targeting more markets
  • Reaching global audience
  • Extending business areas

Business development race is so competitive, so if you are serious about, you should set your business development plans, strategies and techniques since the first moment of your business life cycle.

Self Growth

Self growth implies the whole package of positive meanings that have everything to do with advancement in various aspects of life. Self growth includes any effort made for converting to better and increase quality. Self growth is turning into the right track or making more forward steps in. Self growth is a comprehensive expression that describes different types of enhancements to character and life aspects; it covers terms as:

  • personal growth
  • self help
  • personal development
  • self development
  • personal improvement
  • self improvement

To define self growth mechanism for each person as a separate, unique case, a person who is involved with self growth road trip should go first through a self discovery process that clarify which parts of that person need to be worked out. Once a person has managed to discover his / her own personality, qualities and deficiencies, the person then could plan and start self growth mission based on obvious and realized attributes.

Self growth reflects your inside; it reveals your invisible parts, things that were not clear enough or maybe never been felt or aware of. Getting into self growth secrets requires a lot of patience, persistence and education. Keep discovering what’s there and what’s missing. Keep fixing and healing. Always remember that your own self growth is a contribution in building and enhancing the whole human growth.

Work Progress

Work progress is an important key element through any person’s career or self improvement path. Work progress of a person, defines the professional value and productivity of that individual and determine his competency through the work market. Work progress is used often to express personal achievement on the professional level. A person’s work progress is how much work that person has accomplished. In some other meanings, work progress can be described as:

  • The work performed successfully during a specific period of time.
  • How much successful someone is with work
  • Number of achieved goals through person’s career

As a result, work progress reflects the effectiveness of a human worker, or working tools such as machines.

When it comes to describe work progress with no direct relation to human, or a person’s career, then the term work progress means:

  • Which stage or level work cycle is currently at, or which phase of production the work has reached.
  • Overall development of production quality
  • Status of business success and achievements

In few words of simplicity, reaching high-levels in work progress comes through committing hard working. To boost work progress, a lot of co-operative elements have to be increased all along. Almost every single element that involves self improvement and career development should be loaded to its best, it’s always a simple equation; the more you work, the more progress you get.

Self Employment

Self employment is an interesting term that many people are concerned about, especially those who prefer to be independent when it comes to work. Self employment gives an impression of that ability to do some job and earn money without being hired by some other entity. Self employment means you are not in need of committing specific places to work or certain times to attend, in order to earn your living.

Self employment requires some physical, physiological, and mental qualifications and capabilities in order to succeed with. Self employment takes someone who is prepared to build a small system all by own, and it needs someone who is ready to carry some overload and perform other persons’ jobs – team members that set up any business- when required.

Self employment can work just fine with certain sorts of jobs, mostly those jobs which a single person can produce a full product that no other hand is required to finish, or when a single person can easily handle the whole cycle of production with no external help.

Opinions on self employment may not be all the same. Some people consider self employment businesses risky and unstable ventures. Others feel that it’s some kind of freedom and independency. In either ways, self employment is an important part of the work map. It’s a way of producing and contributing in society life cycle, along with relieving individuals who find their best productivity and happiness through self employment activities.

Time Management

Time management is simply using your time in the best efficient manner, and planning your movements according to a well-designed time sheet where every process has its own dedicated time to be performed through, while determining correctly how much time each process requires, and when is the best time for each.

Time management is considered one of the most important aspects of any development circle or self improvement track. It almost makes most of the difference between success and failure, and helps in directing effective planning and implementation of actions, or even the whole career. Time management is an essential step in the way of success; it’s the basis of implementing plans and achieving goals as exactly as they were set.

There is no standard time management formula that can fit everybody’s needs. It’s a customizable operation that depends on many variables which are related to each person’s goals, time and conditions.

An ideal time management plan should be designed after completing goal setting and defining a series of tasks to do. It begins with calculating available time, determining tasks or actions, and set priorities. Once you have finished those steps, your outcome would be a time sheet that you can rely on, to achieve your short and long term goals.

Choosing a Career

Choosing a career is a critical action and essential step that any person should consider wisely and seriously. Choosing a career is a life’s major key-point process that is about deciding which practical space you would become a part of, and determining what sort of work you commit to produce, and how you would earn your living by. Choosing a career is a process that involves doing a whole evaluation of where your best relies in, and what distinguishes you from others. It’s a decision of directing your energy towards a specific field of life.

Choosing a career has been always something to dream about and have some early thoughts of, since early childhood years. However, when the appropriate time for choosing a career comes, a lot of physiological changes and circumstantial reasons come up into the equation. As acquired and generated abilities becomes clear, while revealed talents, cost of study, financial benefits and other factors are also setting your direction to some certain options.

Choosing a career is not an everyday task, it’s often a once at life time decision, unless you are not capable of defining correctly what’s best to do in your early stages, or you‘d rather to get yourself into inconsistence circle, where you return to the first point regularly. Choosing a career has to be as less repetitive action as possible.

People vary in ways of seeing and defining things or objects that suit their needs and fulfill each requirement they‘ve got. They’re diverse in perspectives, ideas, cultures, and potential abilities. Therefore, choosing a career is not an identical process for all people. It has different methods and results as much as people are different.

Choosing a career successfully is up to walking through some steps of self- testing, deep thinking and patient consideration. Choosing a career should come up after an obvious vision about which fits your skills, as well as your needs more than others. Think of what you find your self most effective in, think about what you are ranked above average through, and discover what you feel comfortable while doing. Do not make that common mistaken decision which is choosing a career according to just how much profitable that career is. Choosing a career depending on that standard could lead you to commit some career that you don’t really match with.

Choosing a career shouldn’t be only about you, you have to include “others” into your consideration. For example, choosing a career which helps your society in someway, or enhances most needed areas of work, or serving what is really essential or useful for people in common sense.

Goal Setting

Goal setting is simply determining what’s desired to be collected or achieved. It’s a process that involves deciding what’s needed, wanted or even dreamed of. It’s having a clear vision of exact objects or situations that a person defines as targets to achieve.

Goal setting is one of the most major phases of most acts. It’s usually the first circle in the chain of any successful track. Goal setting makes things clear and specific, it eliminates confusion and randomization. Goal setting is also responsible to a big degree of igniting motivation, which is essential to keep going over obstacles that get encountered through life roads. Goal setting is also helping to draw directions and define which path to walk through.

To help clarifying the importance of goal setting, imagine you’re walking in some road that has a mysterious end, or doing something that has no obvious or expected results. It seems as a nightmare, right? Having no goals is simply being meaningless and confused in a competent life. Goal setting can help enlighten your way and focus your energy. It’s letting you know what your efforts are about.

Goal setting waives out pointless objects and meaningless actions that may distract you and get you out of focus. Goal setting lets you keep your energy in place, feeling comfortable and confidence with what you’re doing, as the expected results are clear in your mind.

Goal setting has to be reasonable, objective and realistic. You have to set your goals according to calculations that make sense. Unrealistic goal setting may results in unachieved goals and uncompleted tracks, which after all causes frustration and depression. Don’t set goals that are meaningless or too hyper. This is not some sort of negative thinking or limited ambition. It’s just taking thing in a wise manner, and using measurements that fit a specific situation, as skills, talents, and surrounding circumstances.

Goal setting process should come after committing an objective vision and deep analysis. You have to understand what you’re really good at or what you’re really capable of. Make sure to divide your goal setting to long term goal setting, and short term goal setting.

In the bottom line, goal setting is the basis to what kind of track a person would walk through, in both long and short terms. Anyone who is interested in achieving success should take this process carefully and responsibly, and set obvious goals that really suit your needs, and your conditions.


Essential is a word that describes single or many factors or elements that are important to fulfill a function, build some object or reach a desired situation. Essential represents vital needs, basic requirements, and substantial tools that enable whatsoever to be, or to happen.

Essential is something that most likely can’t be or can’t do without, it‘s the fuel that keep things working, it’s that necessary element which puts what’s have to be into reality. This might be the most simple measurement or standard of defining an essential to something or someone.

Defining what’s essential to you is very much related to what you’re about, what your goals are, what you would like to be and how do you live. It’s a relative issue that depends on a lot of variables.

Essentials vary between different objects or entities. There is an essential to this, and there are another essential to that. There are common essentials that many things, objects or persons share, and there are exclusive essentials to special things or entities.

Here are some examples of different essentials to different things, entities:

  • Nutrition is essential to grow
  • Thinking is essential to understand
  • Information is essential for progress
  • Oil is essential for a car to work
  • Software is essential for a computer to run
  • Wings are essential to a bird to fly
  • Water is essential to a fish to live
  • Determination is essential to enhancement
  • Patience is essential to get rewarded
  • Motivation is essential for self improvement
  • Marriage is essential for a decent person
  • Ethics are essential for any healthy society
  • Work is essential for living
  • Faith is the most essential for everyone.

Essential things have big impact on how we function, how we think, and what we produce. Without an essential or multiple essentials, things would be difficult, or even totally unavailable.

There are also false essentials, an element, material or factor that is believed to be a necessity or crucial for something, while it’s not. It’s almost a matter of misconception. Some people classify some objects as essentials according to false measurement and misunderstanding.

As a weblog meant generally to self improvement practices, we will handle and define certain essentials of such matter. There are a reasonable number of elements that any self improver should consider through his or her self improvement efforts; each one of those elements is indeed an essential.