What is Computation? And what does it stand for? Computation is a term used often to describe mathematical operations and information processing/calculation. In some cases or certain context, computation is also used to refer to computerization or utilizing computers to process specific tasks.  The Concept behind Computation  The main concept behind computation is mechanical calculation [...]

Career Planning

Career planning is the action of defining career type, objectives and strategies in order to achieve certain goals and career success. Career planning could be a crucial element to gain a healthy and successful career. Career planning drives your ideas into a clear direction to walk through, and series of actions to perform. Getting you [...]

Business Development

Business development is, growing business to a larger scale to achieve higher goals or to make more profits. Business development could be the first priority of any business scheme and the normal planning that designed to gain more success on the long term. Ambitious business owners usually think of investing their current achievements into future [...]

Self Growth

Self growth implies the whole package of positive meanings that have everything to do with advancement in various aspects of life. Self growth includes any effort made for converting to better and increase quality. Self growth is turning into the right track or making more forward steps in. Self growth is a comprehensive expression that [...]

Work Progress

Work progress is an important key element through any person’s career or self improvement path. Work progress of a person, defines the professional value and productivity of that individual and determine his competency through the work market. Work progress is used often to express personal achievement on the professional level. A person’s work progress is [...]

Self Employment

Self employment is an interesting term that many people are concerned about, especially those who prefer to be independent when it comes to work. Self employment gives an impression of that ability to do some job and earn money without being hired by some other entity. Self employment means you are not in need of [...]

Time Management

Time management is simply using your time in the best efficient manner, and planning your movements according to a well-designed time sheet where every process has its own dedicated time to be performed through, while determining correctly how much time each process requires, and when is the best time for each. Time management is considered [...]

Choosing a Career

Choosing a career is a critical action and essential step that any person should consider wisely and seriously. Choosing a career is a life’s major key-point process that is about deciding which practical space you would become a part of, and determining what sort of work you commit to produce, and how you would earn [...]

Goal Setting

Goal setting is simply determining what’s desired to be collected or achieved. It’s a process that involves deciding what’s needed, wanted or even dreamed of. It’s having a clear vision of exact objects or situations that a person defines as targets to achieve. Goal setting is one of the most major phases of most acts. [...]


Essential is a word that describes single or many factors or elements that are important to fulfill a function, build some object or reach a desired situation. Essential represents vital needs, basic requirements, and substantial tools that enable whatsoever to be, or to happen. Essential is something that most likely can’t be or can’t do [...]